Baked Beans with Relish
Bake the beans in a small basin
with a piece of scored salt pork in
centre. When cold, cover with waxed
paper, wrap in strong wrapping-paper
and place in the bottom of the picnic
basket. Fill a small jelly jar or largemouthed
bottle with equal portions
of tomato catsup and freshly grated
horseradish, add, if at hand, 1 tbsp.
each of finely minced green pepper
and pimento or sweet red pepper.
Wrap the glass in a paper and place
in the basket.

Baked-Bean Roll with Sausage
When baking beans substitute a
link of sausage for the salt pork.
When baked pack in a cylinder mould
-a round baking-powder can will do
-insert the sausage in the centre, and
place the mould in the ice-box. Let
it remain in the mould until serving
time. Cut it in slices and serve with
Oscar sauce or home-made chilli sauce.

Baked-Bean Savory
Cook, in 2 tbsps. of salt pork or
bacon fat a large slice of onion, add
1 teasp. curry-powder and ^ cup of
tomato pulp, or half the amount of
tomato catsup. Add 2 or S cups of
baked beans, turn into a mould, and
when cold serve on lettuce leaves
Bologna Biscuit
Roll baking-powder biscuit dough
quite thin, cut in rounds the size of
a bologna sausage, and place a thin
slice of the sausage between each two
rounds. Bake in a quick oven. The
skin may be removed from the sausage
and the disks cut to fit the biscuit.
This, of course, should be done before
making the biscuit. If liked, a very
little French or German mustard may
be spread on each slice of sausage before
laying them on the biscuit
Eggs, Delicieuse
Plunge very fresh eggs in boilingwater,
cover and keep them just below
the boiling-point for 10 minutes,
boil 1 minute, place on back of stove,
and let them stand until water is cool.
Plunge them in cold water and remove
shells. Roll them in diluted egg
white, well seasoned with salt and pepper
and paprika, and then in finely
minced parsley or chives. Wrap each
one in waxed paper. To keep the
yolks in the centre, stand the eggs,
small end down, in a wire rack for a
day, and boil them in the rack.

Eggs, Stuffed
Cook eggs as in recipe (Eggs, Delicieuse), remove
shells, cut in halves, lengthwise,
remove yolks, and soften them in
melted butter. Mix them with any
of the following: minced ham and
chicken, pate de foie gras and minced
truffles and minced sauted mushrooms;
or, mix with grated dairy cheese
mixed with pimento pulp and seasoned
with salt and paprika or tabasco
sauce. Fill the whites, rounding them
up into a mound. Wrap each one
separately in waxed paper.

Ham Shortcakes
Roll thin and cut into rounds a rich
baking-powder crust, spread half of
them with minced ham moistened with
melted butter and seasoned with
minced parsley, onion, and paprika.
Cover with the remainder of the
rounds and bake in a hot oven. For
making the biscuits: sift 2 cups of
pastry flour with Y^ teasp. salt and 4
teasps. of baking-powder, chop in 1
teasp. butter and 1 tbsp. of lard, add
milk to make a soft dough, mix lightly,
with the fingers, and roll as directed.
These may be mixed, put in pans and
placed in the ice-box several hours
before baking. They should be very
cold when put in the very hot oven


Picnic Suggestions