Chicken Salad

Cook chicken in boiling water, when
half done add salt, a slice each of salt
pork, lemon, and onion, a bit of bay
leaf, and a piece of red pepper. Cool
in the stock, drain, and cut in cubes.
Cover them with French dressing for
an hour or more. To 1,1/2 cups of the
chicken add 1 cup of celery dice, or use
same amount of fresh cooked and
cooled green peas and cucumber dice.
Or blanched and shredded almonds
may be used instead of the peas. Add
Y^ cup of mayonnaise, turn into a tin
box lined with wax paper, garnish with
capers and slices of gherkins, cover,
wrap the box in a cloth wet in icewater
and then in strong paper.
Egg Salad
Boil eggs remove shells and cut them in halves
lengthwise. Remove yolks and soften
them with melted butter, add minced
chicken or any minced cold meat, and
a little chilli sauce. Fill the whites
and stick the two halves together by
dipping the edges in egg-white, and
wrap in waxed paper. Carry lettuce
in a wet cloth covered with paper, and
a cold boiled dressing in a glass jar

Green-Pepper Salad
Select small peppers of uniform size,
having one for each person. Cut off
tops and remove seeds and membranes.
Fill with any salad mixture
or with the following: Mix 1/2 cup of
chopped celery or cabbage with 2 or 3
large tomatoes, diced, a small piece
each of Spanish onion and pimento,
diced, and add a French dressing to
which add a little Worcestershire
sauce. Wrap each pepper in waxed
paper and pack them in a pasteboard
Halibut Salad


Flake the cold fish which has been
boiled in salted, acidulated water,
wrapped in a piece of cheese-cloth, add
capers, minced chives and slices of
gherkins, pack in a tin box lined with
waxed paper. Take cleaned lettuce
wrapped in a wet cloth and in thick
paper, and mayonnaise dressing in a
glass jar. Baking-powder boxes may
be used for these salads if one does
not possess the well-equipped motor
hamper. Any cold cooked fish may
be used instead of the halibut

Mexican Salad

Peel and chop 3 tomatoes, 1 cucumber,
and 1 green pepper. Add a
French dressing made very hot with
paprika and minced chilli pepper and
pack in a glass jar. Take in another
jar chopped red cabbage or lettuce
hearts cut in small pieces, and serve
the two together. This may be
served with cold meat.
Mixed Salad
Toss together 2 cups of celery,
diced, 3 peeled and minced radishes,
6 minced pimolas, 1 cup of minced
nuts, and a spoonful each of grated
raw carrot and boiled and chopped
beets. Pack in a glass jar and serve
with a mayonnaise dressing carried in
a glass jar or open-mouthed bottle.
If both are wrapped in a napkin wet
in very cold water and then wrapped
in plenty of paper they will keep cool
and fresh. Eat with cold meat.
Potato Salad


Peel and cut boiled new potatoes in
thin, small slices, add 1 hard-boiled
egg, cut in small slices, for each two
medium-sized potatoes. Put them in
a deep bowl and add the following
dressing. Mix 1 teasp. salt, 1/4 teasp.
paprika, and a little black pepper with
4 tbsps. salad oil and 2 of seasoned
and strained vinegar (add 2 slices of
onion, 4 sprigs parsley and 1 chilli
pepper or 3 peppercorns to vinegar
and let stand a day). Toss the salad
and place in the ice-box for an hour
or more. Add 1/2 cup of mayonnaise
and garnish with capers and slices of
cucumber pickles. Minced onions
and cucumbers may be added if desired.
Roast-Beef Salad

Cut thin slices of rare roast beef in
small pieces, add 1/4 the amount of
crisp, broiled bacon, diced, and 1 or
2 tbsps. of pimento, also diced. Mix
with French dressing to which a little
chilli sauce or tomato catsup has been
added. Pack in a tin box lined with
waxed paper, or in a large-mouth
glass jar, and carry lettuce leaves
wrapped in a wet cloth and then in
Russian Salad

Add to a cup of mayonnaise dressing
2 tbsps. of pimento pulp, 1 tbsp.
minced green pepper, and 1/2 cup of
chilli or Oscar sauce. Carry in a glass
jar and serve on lettuce hearts, celery
dice, or shaved cabbage packed in another
jar or tin box.
Salmon Salad

Drain, cool, and flake freshly boiled
salmon, or use canned salmon, add
half the amount of cold boiled rice,
toss lightly in French dressing and
pack in a glass jar or tin box lined
with wax paper. Serve with mayonnaise
or rich boiled dressing to which
has been added 1/2 cup of minced
boiled spinach. Garnish with capers,
cucumber pickles, and pearl onions.
Cold boiled eggs and fresh cucumber
may be used instead of the rice.

Sardine and Egg Salad

Mash the yolks of cold boiled eggs
with skinned and boned sardines, and
fill the whites. Pack in layers in a tin
box with wax paper between each
layer, and serve with mayonnaise
made quite red with paprika and sour
with lemon-juice. Carry the dressing
in a glass jar wrapped in a cold wet
cloth and then in paper
Savory Salad

This dressing may be used for lettuce
hearts, French endive, tomatoes,
or cold boiled asparagus. It should
be taken in a glass jar and beaten with
a fork just before serving. Mix 1/2
cup of salad oil with the juice of a
lemon and a small sour orange. Add
1 tbsp. of minced chives or grated
onion, 1/2 teasp. each of salt and paprika,
1 teasp. Worcestershire sauce, 1
of minced parsley, 1 of minced capers,
and 2 of chilli or Oscar sauce

Sweetbread and Cucumber Salad

Soak 1 pair of sweetbreads in cold
water an hour, changing the water
twice, drain and cover with warm
water, add 1/2 teasp. salt, 1 tbsp.
lemon-juice, 2 cloves, 2 peppercorns,
sprig of parsley, and a bit of bay leaf
and simmer gently 20 minutes. Drain
and plunge into cold water. Drain
again, remove skin, pipes, and fibres
and pick into small pieces. Add half
the amount of cucumber cubes, and
pack in a tin box lined with waxed
paper or in a glass jar. Serve on lettuce
leaves and cover with mayonnaise
dressing to which has been added
1/4 the amount of whipped cream.
Color well with paprika
Tomato and Cauliflower Salad

Peel and remove stem ends from
tomatoes, scoop out the pulp, dust
with salt and pepper, and stand upside
down to drain and cool. Fill with
cold boiled cauliflower mixed with
either mayonnaise, boiled or French
dressing. If the latter be used add a
tbsp. of chilli sauce or tomato catsup.
Wrap each tomato in waxed paper and
carry them in a tin or pasteboard box.
Tongue Salad

Cut and trim cold boiled tongue,
cut in small pieces, add same amount
of celery dice or watercress, or even
cabbage shaved fine and1/4 the amount
of diced pimento. Put this in a glass
jar or tin box lined with waxed paper,
and carry a bottle of boiled or mayonnaise
Tuna-Fish Salad

The tuna fish, which may be
bought in cans, should be flaked, and
to 2 cups of the fish add 1 cup of diced
celery or shaved cabbage, 1 hardboiled
egg, diced, 1 tbsp. of shredded
green pepper, 1/2 doz. minced pimolas
or olives, and about 4 tbsps. of French
dressing made with onion or garlicflavored
vinegar. Pack in a tin, paperlined
box or in a glass jar. Serve
with boiled dressing or mayonnaise

Picnic Suggestions